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An orphaned child is no different than those who have both their parents by their side

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As Zummarad Khan, Founder & CEO Pakistan Sweet Home narrates, “During a visit to Swat while on a tour of duty with then prime minister Mr. Yousaf Raza Gillani, I was shocked by what I encountered, children were orphaned as a result of Raah e Raast operation, because their fathers, the primary bread-winners, had died and their mothers had no means by which to feed or clothe them. So, when I witnessed the crippling poverty these innocent children were enduring, I felt an immediate and overpowering need to do something. I could not just walk away. Deep down, I knew if it weren’t for Allah Almighty’s grace and my parent’s determination, their lives could have been mine. So I involved a few of my family members and friends, and adopted a child. This was where the foundation of Sweet Home was laid. I did not expect it to gain popularity in such a short time. It seemed like, in no time, Sweet Home gained enormous momentum.

Established in 2016, Pakistan Sweet Home was created to serve as a home and provide care for orphaned children in crisis around Pakistan. What started as an orphanage for underprivileged orphans has now turned into a family of about 1000 children. Our orphan care services provide education, home, food, medical care and emotional healing to these children.


An orphaned child is no different than those who have both their parents by their side. Our mission is to rescue every orphan across Pakistan, provide them a safe family environment in which they can grow and thrive and give them the future they deserve.

How is Pakistan Sweet Home making a Difference ?

There are a hundred orphanages across Pakistan working for the well being of orphans. At Pakistan Sweet Home, we transform the lives of children. Losing a loved one an early age is a very traumatic experience for any child. We help them heal from the emotional trauma and help them become better versions of themselves. The messenger of Allah (SWT) says: “If you were to rely upon Allah with reliance due to him, He would provide for you, just as he provides for the birds. They go out in the morning empty stomachs and return full” we trust in Allah (SWT) for shelter and food since every grain of rice has a name on it, of the person who is going to eat it. Providing Food and shelter for the children is never enough but to give them the future they deserve and give them the best of everything.

The Children at Pakistan Sweet Home is a place that houses hundreds of kids who lost one or both of their parents for a variety of reasons. Here, they interact like a big extended family. They refer to each other as brothers and sisters. Each and every child at Pakistan Sweet Home calls Zammurad Khan, our CEO “Papa Jani” because he has given them love. A lot of love and affection. A huge hostel with wide halls housing 20 kids each, a grand dining hall, a monumental mosque, one big splendid library, an awe inspiring cricket ground and a hockey ground, a Computer lab equipped with latest tools for digital as well as Islamic education, Common room for both girls and boys, a prime TV lounge, fun Play area, basketball court and a glorious in-house zoo. Over the years, we have hosted fundraisers, events and charity dinners at Pakistan Sweet Home and our kids have actively engaged in all sorts of events. Celebrities, Politicians, delegates, influencers have paid us visits to interact with the kids and our kids in return have developed social connections to build inspiration for themselves for a brighter future

Financial Transparency

We keep things open and transparent! We’re forever prepared for accountability. We operate under strict standards for financial transparency and each penny you donate is justified in our annual reports.

With professional backgrounds in law, business management and accounting, our team ensures we operate ethically and with total transparency. Our accounting systems closely monitor and report on all expenditure. For donations, we do not employ professional charity collectors. We rely on our website, our corporate sponsors and our community both online and offline to fund the work we do.

Of the funds we raise,94% of the funds is utilized for operations to support the children. The remaining 6% is utilized for the administration for Pakistan Sweet Home.
Pakistan Sweet Home is registered with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, under section 42 of the companies ordinance 1984.
Pakistan sweet Home has also Tax exemption u/s 61 and 66.

A message from our CEO, Zammurad Khan (Hilal-e-Imtiaz)

During my charity work, I've come across thousands of people who have always asked me one question. Why orphans? There are million forms of charity, why did you choose to work for orphans? My response has always been, “The Prophet (saw) said, “The one who cares for an orphan and myself will be together in Paradise like this,“and he (saw) held his two fingers together to illustrate” Our Prophet (saw) is the greatest leader of all time and an inspiration for me for the work i do. Looking after the well being of orphans is a cause particularly dear to our Prophet (saw) He was born an orphan and was later chosen to look after the orphans.

The amount of love Allah SWT has put in my heart for these children cannot be expressed through words. I ask Allah for nothing but enough courage and life so i can give them the best of everything. I want to reach the last orphan in Pakistan and provide him with the best for a brighter future so one day, these children can give back to the community with the same kind of love and compassion and my country can be a better place where all are treated equally and with compassion.

I therefore request you all to join hands with me on this mission to give these children a chance at a stronger and brighter future.

CEO Zammurrad Khan (Hilal-e-Imtiaz)

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Become part of the long history of individuals who have changed the lives of the orphans who turn to Pakistan Sweet Home for healing, strength and a brighter future. Your charity volunteer work helps support our orphanage and bring hope to orphan children at Pakistan Sweet Home We are grateful for all our fundraising and orphanage volunteers to enable us to bring food, clothing, warmth and provide access to education and medical care for our orphans. We’ll assess your application and respond to you to get you started.